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Academic Hardware Evaluation Request

At Digilent, we are committed to supporting our educators. We offer a unique academic program for educators who are training or teaching using Digilent technology. As part of our academic program, educators can request an evaluation unit for use in the classroom, at a conference or in other academic settings.

Important! You must be located in the US or Canada and have a verified academic account through our Academic Verification site to be eligible. If you would like to go straight to the verification page, follow this link.

For more information on our Academic Program in general, including FAQ's and a list of academic pricing, visit our academic program page.

Tips for filling out our application

  1. Please describe your course or training in detail under "COURSE/TRAINING DESCRIPTION." E.g. is there a lab component? How will students interact with the hardware? Is this a new class? 
  2. Under "REQUIRED COURSE MATERIAL," please share with us what else the student will be purchasing or using for the course or training. 
  3. We prefer to offer evaluation units for current (not limited time or retired) products, for courses or trainings that are aligned with the intended use of our hardware. However, some unique use cases will apply! So the more information you can provide to help us evaluate the situation the better.